Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Reason I Am Here Is The Reason You Are Here

I was born for something special. To experience something special. To do something special. To be something special.

So were you.

We are bombarded with hundreds if not thousands of messages each day that try to convince us otherwise. It is a very tiring and frustrating battle, and ultimately a losing one. Unless..

Unless we decide to search for our true selves, our authentic selves. Once we decide that we are going to use our energy to become who we were designed and built to be, our destiny changes. As the facade of who we think the world wants us to be begins to fall apart, our authentic selves becomes clearer. This empowers us to maintain the integrity of our authentic self. The power of this authentegrity allows us to truly realize our destiny and be the change in the world we want to be and to see.

This is no new age mumbo. This is real world, down in the dirt, look yourself in the heart, hardest and easiest thing in the world. It takes effort every day. Here's the good news. Our current life takes effort too and it is taking us down a path we were not designed for. The effort we spend in finding authentigrity takes us down the path to clarity and purpose. A much better place, wouldn't you say?

As I move along this adventure to myself, I am going to post thoughts and discoveries that I hope will help you along your journey as well. Care to join me?

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